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Susie Swanson ASWPP & Qualified Member of The Guild of Photographers

Hi, My name is Susie Swanson and I live in the far north of Scotland in a small village called John O' Groats. I have 2 gorgeous girls who don't get photographed nearly enough!

In 2000 - 2002 I went to college in Aberdeen, I studies Art & Design the first year and worked towards a portfolio for applying to Art college. I secured a place at Grey's Art College, I wanted to specialise in Textiles because I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer. I never missed a copy of Vouge magazine, I loved all the fashion spreads especially the ones by Photographer Tim Walker, after years I realised it was the photography I was hooked on and not the fashion! In my great wisdom I decided to turn down the offer of a place at Greys but I wasnt ready to head home, so this is when I decided to study photography. After a year I wanted home so I left the Granite City and continued studying photography with The New York Institute of Photography which was an open learning diploma. 

In 2003 I took on my first wedding and I was hooked! Since then, after over 250 weddings I am still in love with the magic of a wedding. My style has developed over the years but I am known best for my unobrtusive and relaxed manner in which I take on a wedding. Apart from the 'must have group shots' I try to capture the day without interfearing too much in whats going on. I want to capture how it was and every detail that adds to the storytelling of the day. I aim to capure every emotion. I don't believe in posing too much because I am not a fan of anything looking fake, therefore I don't spend hours on photoshopping images. 

Weddings are certainly my passion when it comes to photography but I also love capturing kids & families. I have never been a fan of studio portraiture so I simple don't offer that service. What I do offer is capturing your kids at home, in the forest, at the beach, anywhere they can run, play and do what they do. I feel this is the best way to bring out their true characters in photographs and hopefully create amazing memories to cherish for years to come.

This year I completed my dream job, something I have been wanting to capture in over a decade and that was birth photography! It was amazing and probably came out on top when comparing it to weddings! So although a very neiche market, I now offer birth photography along with newborn photography which again is in the style of lifestyle photography. 

Although my biggest aim with my business is to make my clients happy its also nice to be regognised by my peers. My biggest acheivements, although not the biggest acheivements in the world of photography it's pretty cool for me!  

5th Place - Top Five Wedding Photographer of the Year 2016 with The Guild of Photographers
6th Place - Top Ten Wedding Photographer of the Year 2015 with The Guild of Photographers
Wedding Image of the Year Finalist 2015 with The Guild of Photographers
Qualified member of The Guild of Photographers
Associate member of The Societies of Photographers

I'd love to add to this list but winning awards will always come second to my lovely clients!